A Reverse Mortgage can make the difference.

An educated consumer becomes our best client

Receive Personalized expert Advise

Receive Personalized expert Advise

The Reverse Mortgage personal packet has been designed to analyze all the Reverse Mortgage options in details based on your own input.

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How do I choose the right New Reverse Mortgage Lender

How do I choose the right New Reverse Mortgage Lender

Is the New Reverse Mortgage the right solution for your retirement goals? Choosing the right company is an important first step

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Consult an Expert

Consult an Expert

We’re a local company based in Orange County California with representatives available throughout the southland. Our experts are available to help you make the right decision among all the options.

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medicare donut hole

Taking the bite out of the Medicare “donut hole”

As we get older taking prescription drugs is a fact of life and the costs of these drugs continue to skyrocket. In simpler times retirement planning was less complicated than it is for us today. There were more defined benefits retirement plans that provided you with a steady pension, and income growth was more pronounced.…

baby boomers pink slip

When Baby Boomers get a pink slip

The two words in the American lexicon that are never good “pink slip” Getting a pink slip along with your paycheck can be devastating but for baby boomers it is something that will affect the next 20 to 30 years. Have you ever been laid off from a job you really enjoyed? Call it what…

Searching for more real estate transactions? We found ’em!

Why is it you always find what you’re searching for in the last place you look? Jolene, like most real estate agents, had been looking for other ways to add another 2-3 transactions a year to her business. She knew she was in a very competitive market and would have to look under every rock…

love home

Sometimes not getting a reverse mortgage is a life changing decision

A Reverse Mortgage could have made a difference… For countless seniors getting a Reverse Mortgage can be a life changing decision. Sometimes not getting a Reverse Mortgage can be a life changing decision. John and Linda were like most pre-retirement couples, they wanted to see if a Reverse Mortgage fit into their retirement plans. John…

retirement test drive

Taking retirement for a test drive

Before Retiring, Try Spending Like a Retired Person Millions of baby boomers just like you are approaching retirement with a great deal of anticipation. That apprehension you’re feeling in the pit of your stomach is normal. Many things in your life are going to change, some good, some not so good. Retirement is going to…

bridging SSI gap

Bridging the SSI Gap with The New Reverse Mortgage

For many of us taking our Social Security benefits at 62 sometimes is an economic necessity rather than an option.  But the longer you wait the more SSI you’re entitled to. If you wait until you reach age 70, your monthly Social Security Benefit can be as much as 57% higher than taking it at…