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A Rejection Mind-Set: Selection Overload in Online Dating Sites

A Rejection Mind-Set: Selection Overload in Online Dating Sites

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Tila M. Pronk is Assistant Professor at Tilburg University. Her work centers around romantic relationships. As an example, she studies (online) dating and forgiveness, as well whilst the effect of specific distinctions like self-control on relationships.

Jaap J. A. Denissen is Professor at Tilburg University. Their work centers on the program between character therapy, social therapy, and developmental therapy. Broadly, he studies deals between individuals and their environment.

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Tila M. Pronk, Tilburg University, Prof. Cobbenhagenlaan 225, 5037 DB Tilburg, holland. E-mail: email protected


The paradox of contemporary relationship is the fact that online platforms offer more possibilities to find a partner that is romantic in the past, but folks are nonetheless almost certainly going to be single. We hypothesized the presence of a rejection mindset: The access that is continued practically limitless prospective lovers makes individuals more pessimistic and rejecting. Across three studies, individuals instantly began to reject more hypothetical and real lovers whenever dating online, cumulating an average of in a loss of 27per cent in opportunity on acceptance through the very very first into the partner option that is last.…