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10 things we discovered from dating an Australian

10 things we discovered from dating an Australian

It may possibly be a thing that is culture the complete “you constantly want that which you can’t have” thing, but We definitely love dating an Aussie.

I discovered just how guys that are american to get girls was a little aggressive. The US men like to play games with girls, and also the entire grinding thing? Yuck.

The flirting/hooking up game had been therefore various in Australia!

And let’s be genuine, my man does proceed with the Aussie stereotypes-Blonde locks, surfer, beach bum and really loves a beer that is good! He’s a bloke that is top! (impressed with my usage of Aussie slang? We bet you’re!) Anyways, Everyone loves dating an Australian and here you will find the good factors why!

**This post is purely according to my experience dating a few US and Aussie guys, as well as in absolutely no way wanting to generalize the American and Australian populace. Simply preference that is personal. Soz.

1. We don’t really understand any one of their buddies names that are real

“Muzza”, “Jordo”, “Pinky”, “Lawz”, “Smithy”. No matter what occurred to names like “Steve”, “Tom” and “Mike”? But seriously? It’s weird.

AKA: He’s mysterious.

2. He could be fearless to pathetic puny American standard bugs

We visit a spider, I scream. He will come in, views the spider and states “that’s it?” Everybody knows that Australia has some wild and creatures that are terrifying therefore the tiny and unintimidating people listed below are absolutely nothing to the Aussie.…