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All our platforms may play a role in serving our diverse queer women’s communities

All our platforms may play a role in serving our diverse queer women’s communities

See, that’s just just what the software is good for.

Geordie Shore star Marnie Simpson is this month’s DIVA address celebrity. Within the exclusive meeting, her first by having an LGBT book since being released as bisexual final thirty days, the 24 yr old covers perhaps not being taken really as a bi girl, and achieving her sexuality dismissed as “attention seeking” by those closest to her. See the interview that is full divadigital british.

Bi in a exact same intercourse relationship: statistically unusual?

“I’m a bisexual in a lesbian relationship and had been completely surprised to learn just just exactly how unusual that is,” writes Lea Rose Emery in a write-up for Bustle recently. ” Relating to Kristina Marusic at Slate: ‘The massive 2013 Pew Research LGBT Survey discovered 84 per cent of self identified bisexuals in committed relationships have partner of this sex that is opposite while just nine per cent have been in exact exact same intercourse relationships.’ Which made me get: actually? actually? I’m maybe maybe not arguing because of the true numbers, I’m simply amazed the figures are so… split. I assumed that, simply according to just just how people that are many as directly, you’d discover the most of bisexuals in right relationships, however with an astonishing 84 % of these it just appears too large of a portion become exactly that. So just why?”

She continues, examining the numbers with the aid of a few researcher kind individuals and picking out different explanations. (see the article, it is actually interesting just just what they recommend.)

Usually the one they seem to possess missed out, though, is the wide range of behaviourally women that are bisexual call on their own lesbians, for assorted reasons. Many of us get it done because our concept of lesbian is “in a relationship by having a woman”, or because our partner seems threatened for one reason or another, or because of the isolating biphobia we’d experience from our community/friendship group which would affect us as individuals and our relationships… So many reasons if we call ourselves bisexual, or because while we know we can be attracted to men we have no intention of acting on it.…