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Ex-Wives of Rock

Ex-Wives of Rock

Athena Bass

One other Ex-Wives would most likely describe Athena like this: fiercely faithful, funny as hell, with something special for drumming like Animal through the Muppets. They may includeitionally include she’s a breast cancer tumors survivor endowed with otherworldly persistence – just just exactly how else do you really explain why she set up with ex-husband James Kottak (drummer for the Scorpions) for such a long time?

One other women may also inform you that Athena’s had a stable streak of misfortune over the past several years; there is the revelations of James’ numerous infidelities, then their apparently endless divorce or separation, then custody dilemmas involving their three young ones. For a second, it seemed she pulled it together – just before the death of her mother like she might lose her persistent war with alcoholism, but. As Athena states, I would not have visit.“if it had beenn’t for dissatisfaction,”

Mind you, it is nothing like Athena’s assisting herself – after realizing the error of their methods, James invested almost all of last period attempting (in their very own uniquely antagonistic means) to woo Athena right right right back – into the degree that she’s seriously considering going back with him. Will Athena forget her very own anger and good judgement whenever it comes down to James?…