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The lady you are searching for, Johanka, resides inside the monastery it self.

The lady you are searching for, Johanka, resides inside the monastery it self.

while you enter, you’ll realize that many people aren’t thrilled to see you trespassing, therefore the internal cloister in the right is strictly forbidden.

You will find Johanka in a medical ward simply towards the left for the redstone abbey that is under construction.

Johanka is supposed to be pleased to see you, nevertheless the reunion is brief as Henry provides news for the plague. She thinks Brother Nicodemus can really help, the physician that is local however they curently have their fingers complete because of the wounded who survived the Skalitz massacre.

It is possible to provide to greatly help and commence on another part quest to help make things better – or else you can often find Nicodemus when you look at the room that is next the alchemy dining table.

Keep in touch with him concerning the plague, and you’ll need to accurately convey what’s taking place – ideally you examined in on everybody else and got home elevators the sickness in Merhojed. Tell Nicodemus that half the city is unwell, and all the pets are dead. He’ll cause you to their publications to obtain the issue.

You’ll need a good reading skill to forge your own personal course right here, as Nicodemus searches aimlessly for the book – you’ll find it in the lectern to your left associated with desk by the bookcase.

The guide is called Brevarium de Signis Causis, and describes the way the overabundance among the four humors can lead to infection. An excessive amount of mucus could cause diptheria – but it does not infect pets. A lot of bile that is black the plague – nonetheless it will not influence tiny pets.

Continue reading to locate a section on poisoning, which whilst not sent between people and beasts, can all be inflicted from a contaminated source – aided by the animals dying sooner. That been there as well!

Inform Nicodemus you’ve resolved the riddle, and so it’s poisoning from tainted water.…