A Reverse Mortgage can make the difference.

An educated consumer becomes our best client

Receive Personalized expert Advise

Receive Personalized expert Advise

The Reverse Mortgage personal packet has been designed to analyze all the Reverse Mortgage options in details based on your own input.

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How do I choose the right New Reverse Mortgage Lender

How do I choose the right New Reverse Mortgage Lender

Is the New Reverse Mortgage the right solution for your retirement goals? Choosing the right company is an important first step

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Consult an Expert

Consult an Expert

We’re a local company based in Orange County California with representatives available throughout the southland. Our experts are available to help you make the right decision among all the options.

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new retirement plan

What to do when retirement doesn’t go as planned

When retirement doesn’t go as planned…get a new plan The Scottish poet Robert Burns warned us that the “best laid plans…often go awry.” Robbie knew, even in the 18th century, that no matter how much we planned, reality had a way of checking in usually when least expected. Retirement planning used to be relatively easy.…

reverse mortgage to the rescue

More seniors want to remodel not replace

To stay at home…use your home When Pam finally contacted us, she was almost at the end of her rope. “I’m calling for my parents, they insist on staying in their home but they’re both struggling to get around and I’m afraid they’ll get hurt with their current living conditions.” Remodel or replace? Her parents…

dream retirement

Finding retirement dream home in California

Robert and Melissa had achieved their dream retirement. Their 3200 sq.foot, 4 bedroom/3 bathroom home was perfect for the two of them. Located on the 10th fairway in one of the most prestigious gated golf communities in Arizona, they were living in their forever home. Or so they thought! They came to realize their dream…

senior homeowners

California seniors in line for property tax relief

November election promises property tax relief for California seniors A ballot initiative for the November election, The California Proposition 13 Tax Transfer Initiative, would amend Prop 13 to allow senior homeowners or severely disabled homebuyers to transfer their property tax base to a replacement residence for any price, in any County and as many times…

medicare surcharges

Save thousands of dollars on Medicare surcharges

In case you haven’t heard Medicare surcharges are on their way up The Collins Dictionary defines “surcharge” as: A surcharge is an extra payment of money in addition to the usual payment for something. It is added for a specific reason. Medicare ushered in a new income scale as the basis for Medicare high-income surcharges.…

medicare donut hole

Taking the bite out of the Medicare “donut hole”

The Medicare donut hole is catching countless seniors unaware As we get older taking prescription drugs is a fact of life and the costs of these drugs continue to skyrocket. In simpler times retirement planning was less complicated than it is for us today. There were more defined benefits retirement plans that provided you with…