When it comes to health care it’s better than sleeping pills and antidepressants

The New Reverse Mortgage can help solve your personal health care puzzle

Trump-Care, Obama-Care or No-Care, the #1 area of concern for most seniors is how they will pay for health care in retirement.

Without question, it costs a lot of money to stay healthy in America.

AARP dishes on the health care dilemma

On the health care bill recently passed by the U.S. House of Representatives, Executive Vice President Nancy LeaMond of AARP said, “The bill will put an age tax on us, harming millions of American families with health insurance, forcing many to lose coverage or pay thousands of dollars more for health care. In addition, the bill now puts at risk the 25 million older adults with preexisting conditions such as cancer and diabetes, who would likely find health care unaffordable or unavailable to them.”

President Trump’s recent action repealing ObamaCare subsidies adds more pieces to the health care puzzle and even the experts are unsure if all the pieces together will complete the puzzle.

The costs of long term care insurance are skyrocketing

What if I need long term care?

According to the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance, approximately 50 percent of people will need some form of care. Here are median costs according to the Genworth Cost of Care Survey:

Are you prepared?

The New Reverse Mortgage to the Rescue

A man much wiser than me once said “the best time to have money is when you need it”. 

Your home is likely your most valuable asset and its equity is your most versatile asset. A Reverse Mortgage, properly structured can be used to pay for health insurance premiums in addition to helping you bridge that income shortfall that happens to everyone when they retire.

The New Reverse Mortgage and a secure retirement

Reverse mortgages are better than sleeping pills and antidepressants

There are a number of good reasons to consider a Reverse Mortgage, but perhaps the most overlooked is also the simplest; “Peace of Mind”.

Regardless of the outcome of the health care battle in Congress, nagging concerns about outliving your savings or anxiety about the “what ifs” that might require money is draining. The Retiree’s Equity Line of Credit (RELOC) may be the answer to giving you the comfort of knowing that you’ve done your best to cover life’s unknowns.

Create your own personal retirement paycheck

The New Reverse Mortgage isn’t for everyone…but it could be!

How will you know if a reverse mortgage is right for you?

If you’re still wondering if The New Reverse Mortgage is the right solution for you but you’re not ready to sit down with one of our Reverse Mortgage Experts, then we’ll be happy to mail (or email) you Use Your Home to Stay at Home which is the official federally approved consumer booklet for those considering a reverse mortgage.

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