Is a Reverse Mortgage the right tool for a safe and secure retirement?

Is a Reverse Mortgage the right tool for a safe and secure retirement

The perfect retirement strategy would be to have the cost of daily living stay as fixed as our incomes. Unfortunately, that just doesn’t happen. Those costs usually result in a higher withdrawal rate from your investment accounts. Drawing from a reverse mortgage has the potential to mitigate this risk by reducing the need for portfolio […]

How a Reverse Mortgage can unlock your trapped asset?

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In my 35 years in the mortgage business I’ve learned that homeowners hold this to be self-evident; When I need a mortgage my home equity will rise and interest rates will drop. If only that were always true! Home equity, like stock prices and interest rates are subject to the mood swings of the financial […]

Why a Reverse Mortgage? Because Life Happens!

When we retire and drop out of the 9 to 5 workforce, it’s easy to settle in and watch the world go by. But if you’re thinking that the ups and downs of the economy won’t affect your retirement, think again. I started my career in the mortgage business in 1981 in the Phoenix Metro […]

If you love your home, a Reverse Mortgage might be just what you need

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Do you love your home, your neighborhood and your neighbors? Are you comfortable, and plan to stay put through your retirement years? Does the thought of packing up all of your belongings, hiring a moving company,moving to an unfamiliar house and neighborhood in Orange County sound like more aggravation than you’re ready for? Reverse mortgage is […]

Why should you consider a Reverse Mortgage?

Why should you consider a reverse mortgage? During our working years, most of us spent our earnings supporting our home. When we retire, it seems only fitting that our home help support us. Home equity is our most valuable asset. It may also be our most versatile asset. The money you have put into your […]

A Reverse Mortgage could save you thousands of dollars

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Downsizing—-A Reverse Mortgage could save you thousands of dollars My father once said to me: “The older you are when you have children, the older you are when they come back.” I didn’t always heed a lot of his advice but in this instance I’m glad I did. Like most baby boomers our age the last of […]

Should I wait to get a Reverse Mortgage?


Should I wait to get a Reverse Mortgage?  —The wrong answer could cost you thousands! I was thumbing through a past edition of the AARP magazine and came across an article discussing the pros and cons of Reverse Mortgages and whether it was better to get a reverse mortgage now or wait until you are older when you […]

You have questions, we have Reverse Mortgage Answers

1. Is it better to wait until I’m older to get a reverse mortgage?  The amount of your reverse mortgage is not based solely on age. Your Available Principal Limit (APL) is based on a combination of Principal Limit Factor (PLF), age, equity and interest rates. While you won’t get any younger, equity and interest […]

What is a Reverse Mortgage?

What is a Reverse Mortgage

What is a Reverse Mortgage? A reverse mortgage is a loan for seniors age 62 and older. It is also known by HECM(Home Equity Conversion Mortgages). Homeowners can convert their home equity into cash with no monthly mortgage payments. Basically, rather than having to pay your monthly mortgage bills yourself, the lender will pay off […]